Emergency Response



When Every Second Counts, there’s no time to wait. Emergency responders need to respond to every emergency as efficiently as possible.  Lives may be at stake — including theirs.  Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) enables police cars, fire trucks and ambulances — even those from neighboring communities — to navigate congested intersections more effectively. As a result, agencies can improve response times while reducing the potential for costly accidents.  We collaborate with communities to design intelligent transportation systems that help realize better outcomes. Our traffic signal priority control systems enable emergency responders to request permission to extend or preempt traffic signals. And, our management software provides traffic engineers with real-time data from the intersection to help them make more informed traffic decisions.

Opticom GPS System

Establishing a transportation network that uses interoperable technology requires a coordinated effort between multiple agencies within the city and throughout the region. These critical connections help communities plan, fund and implement Opticom™ GPS Systems to increase efficiencies and provide safer intersections.Opticom™ GPS — combined with Opticom™ Central Management Software (CMS)— enables traffic management personnel to manage proactively, emergency responders to reach the scene faster and safer and transit services to maintain schedules while cutting costs.

How it Works:

When an emergency vehicle responds to a 911 call or a transit vehicle needs to pick up time, the Opticom™GPS System is positioned to improve efficiencies:

1. Using a global network of GPS satellites, Opticom™ GPS System vehicle equipment calculates vehicle speed, direction, longitude and latitude information.

2. Intersection equipment is programmed with an approach map to define corridors for priority control activity.

3.As the vehicle enters the intersection’s radio range, it sends updated speed, position and identification information, as well as turn signal status, every second.

4.The Opticom™ GPS System intersection equipment sends the priority request to the Opticom™ GPS Phase Selector in the controller cabinet, which requests a green light through normal controller functions.

5. The system recognizes the activated turn signal and relays the priority call forward to the next appropriate intersection.

6. All of the activity can be tracked remotely by traffic management personnel.

  • Reduce intersection crash rates by up to 70 percent.
  • Improve response times by up to 25 percent.
  • Avoid line-of-sight conflicts to be clear right-of-way around corners.
  • Activate signal preemption based on estimated time of arrival (ETA) or distance.
  • Manage authorization automatically based on vehicle priority and first come, first served.

Opticom Infrared System

As the world becomes a busier and more crowded place, traffic concerns are growing everywhere. The Opticom™ Infrared System can go a long way toward meeting these challenges. Using coded infrared transmitters mounted on your emergency and transit vehicles, the Opticom infrared system communicates securely with the intersection traffic controller to gain a temporary right of way. The system has been proven effective at thousands of installations all over the world—helping elevate safety, minimize traffic disruptions, accelerate response times, improve service reliability, reduce crashes and save lives.  So whether you work in traffic management, transit or emergency services, you now have the ability to manage intersection traffic flow. And that can make a big difference in the efficiency, reliability and safety of your roadways.

How it Works:


  • Improves safety by eliminating priority conflict at the intersection.
  • Validates emergency vehicle status and authorizes signal preemption.
  • Provides data reporting.
  • Integrates into current cabinets.
  • Enables conflict-free use among emergency service and transit vehicles.
  • Minimizes disruption of traffic flow.
  • Provides complete call history log.

Opticom Multimode System

Complete interoperability between infrared and GPS radio priority control technologies.  Finally, a single system for priority control that no longer has to depend on a single activation methodology. Introducing Multimode Technology for Opticom priority control systems. Now your priority control system can operate as a fully integrated solution, independent of the activation technologies currently used within or around your region.

  • Multimode phase selectors that recognize inputs from both infrared and GPS radio activation methods at the intersection and provide coordinated inputs to the controller.
  •  A Multimode vehicle unit that combines both infrared and GPS radio activation methods into one coordinated device.
  • Central Management Software that allows you to remotely manage, monitor, maintain and secure your priority control system with both infrared and GPS radio technologies.