Traffic Controllers

170E HC11 Controller

McCain’s 170 Controllers are industry standard  in full compliance with Caltrans Transportation Electrical Equipment Specification (TEES) standards. The 170 controllers are primarily designed to operate eight-phase dual ring intersections. Built to McCain’s high quality standards, the controllers’ rugged and dependable construction is reliable and capable of operating in harsh environments. The controllers’ 19-inch Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA) rack mount form allows them to easily fit any standard EIA-based cabinet.

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2070E Controller


The 2070E Controller is an advanced, next-generation controller designed in full compliance with the 2009 Caltrans Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES). The 2070E is interchangeable with standard 170 controllers, allowing users to upgrade existing intersections to a modern high-performance platform without replacing cabinet hardware. The 2070E is an advanced, ruggedized, multi-tasking field processor and communications system that is easily configurable for a variety of traffic management applications.

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The McCain ATC eX NEMA controller is a revolutionary, multi-application controller, compliant with the latest NEMA and ATC standards. The ATC eX NEMA controller features a wide variety of communications options, including a standard 3-port hardened switch, four USB ports, serial, and Ethernet for secure connectivity in any kind of environment. Quick data transfers, firmware upgrades, and log retrievals can be done via USB. Each controller is built to McCain’s stringent, high-quality manufacturing standards, ensuring long-lasting performance in all environments.

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