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GRIDSMART is the world’s only single camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness.  Built on uncompromising core principles – Simple, Flexible, and Transparent – GRIDSMART delivers intersection and highway solutions using three components: the iconic Bell Camera, the GS2 Processor powering vision-based tracking algorithms, and GRIDSMART Client software to configure and view your sites. Hang your Power over Ethernet Camera, no focusing or aiming necessary. Connect the Camera to the GS2 with a single wire, no cards, no racks required. Configure with the GRIDSMART Client. If you know traffic, you can learn the Client in 30 minutes or less. Once the Camera is in place, take advantage of GRIDSMART features like a virtual DVR, so you can see how your system performs, or access an open API to integrate GRIDSMART with any system you wish. Add modules that provide real time counts, performance data, and even email alerts to help analyze evolving traffic patterns.


GRIDSMART’s iconic Bell Camera delivers the industry’s only horizon to horizon view that includes the center of the intersection, where vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians actually cross paths. The familiar GRIDSMART Bell is rugged and tough, milled out of ¼ thick aluminum protecting the downward facing optics from the elements. Virtual pan-tilt-zoom of the camera is a click away in the Client where you can customize up to four different views, changing anytime you wish. No matter where you look, the camera still sees horizon to horizon. It is a view you just cannot get with first generation video.


GS2 is housed in an artisan-forged, single-piece, GRIDSMART-tough enclosure. Built with flexibility in mind, the 1U-high Processor can be rack-mounted, lie horizontally, or stand vertically. The GS2 front panel shows phases, calls, and status with bright, multi-color LEDs. The powerful GS2 Processor runs the GRIDSMART Engine, a suite of vison-tracking algorithms that build a 3-dimensional model on objects approaching the intersection. The object trajectories are tracked through user defined zones through the center of the intersection and to each objects ultimate exit, delivering unmatched accuracy. It is hard to count what your camera can’t see or track. GRIDSMART exclusively delivers enter to exit tracking.


Your GRIDSMART system is managed by the intuitive GRIDSMART Client software running on a laptop or at your Traffic Management Center. The Client empowers you to set up detection and counting zones, view intersections and highways, and even generate performance reports. Use the history functionality to revert between configurations or go back to a set-up you liked better. When linked to GRIDSMART Cloud, the Client will back up your site configurations securely online at no cost.


  • Onboard display indicates input and output status and active zones
  • Interface to TS1 and TS2 controllers
  • 24 optically isolated inputs for TS1 installation
  • Monitor phases and loops
  • 24 optically isolated outputs
  • Generate calls to controller
  • SDLC interface for TS2 installation
  • Responds to addresses 8-11
  • 64 inputs

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