Traffic Sensing




  The more you learn about the vehicles on your roads, the better you can manage them. Canoga™Traffic Sensing captures precise, real-time traffic data, so you can make more informed decisions to keep traffic moving smoothly.  There are more vehicles on our roadways than any other time in U.S. history, leading to gridlock, accidents, longer commutes and higher levels of pollution. Canoga™ sensors on arterial roads, intersections, parking lots, freeways and even bicycle lanes can help you monitor vehicle speed, classification, count and occupancy. The insights you gain empower you to better manage traffic congestion, road construction, traffic signal intervals, warning systems and more.


Speed, Class and Count in a Single Loop


Only one system empowers you to capture real-time traffic flow with anywhere, anytime flexibility. Canoga™ Single-Loop technology provides you with a single-width four-channel card to replace existing detector cards in inductive loop systems at signalized intersections, on-ramps, freeways and other locations. This single “drop-in” solution adds speed, class and count to your existing single loop detection capabilities while also offering the rich feature set and high reliability that have made Canoga™ famous. You can also choose Canoga™ Microloops™ to greatly reduce or eliminate the on-going maintenance costs associated with conventional inductive loops.

Access Essential Data in Real Time


Traffic ebbs, flows and sometimes stops completely. With Cangoa™Traffic Sensing, you can capture key information about vehicles or bicycles on your roads from a remote location to better understand how your city moves. Generate and analyze customized reports with Central Management Software (CMS) and develop strategies to mitigate traffic congestion while simplifying configuration and maintenance tasks. Data traffic between the intersection and CMS is also encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Deliver Exceptional Performance


With Canoga™ Traffic Sensing, you can curb congestion and improve safety for drivers every day. You can access critical vehicle and traffic information with best-in-class 99.5+% detection accuracy to manage traffic more reliably and economically — and enhance traffic reporting capabilities.

Why Choose Canoga™ Traffic Sensing?

  • Add speed, class and count to existing single loop detection installations
  • Compatible with conventional inductive loops and Microloops™ for fast, easy replacement
  • Ethernet for secure encrypted real-time communications from remote locations
  • On-board display with key data to simplify installation and configurations
  • Central management and maintenance