Florida Turns to TrafficCast’s New BlueTOAD Spectra Detector for Travel Time Accuracy and Reliability

Florida Turns to TrafficCast’s New BlueTOAD Spectra Detector for Travel Time Accuracy and Reliability

Proven field implementations show Spectra delivers 300-500% more matches than any Bluetooth or WiFi travel-time system in the industry!

MADISON, WI, March 7, 2017 – TrafficCast International, Inc., today announced the successful implementation of its latest generation and market-leading Bluetooth® signal sensor detector technology, BlueTOAD Spectra. Incorporating advanced capabilities to detect unique Bluetooth identifiers even when component devices are in non-discoverable mode, BlueTOAD Spectra is gaining widespread adoption throughout the country and in the State of Florida.

When a Bluetooth device pairs up to another Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone to a vehicle’s hands free system, it is rendered “undiscoverable” and thus undetectable by standard Bluetooth detectors. However, TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD Spectra sensor is able to detect these undiscoverable devices, adding significantly to detection density. With a growing number of states requiring the use of “hands-free” technology in vehicles, Spectra offers a significantly greater amount of Bluetooth device detection and more importantly, matches between sensors. This increase in data provides the most accurate travel times on lower volume roads and during non-peak hours, while also providing for a much larger footprint for area-wide Origin/Destination studies.

In December 2016, the Florida Department of Transportation’s Traffic Engineering Research Laboratory (TERL) approved the new BlueTOAD Spectra dual-radio Bluetooth detection system for inclusion on the State’s Approved Products List (APL). At the same time, several Florida local agencies also tested the BlueTOAD Spectra in their regions. For example, Seminole County and Palm Beach County recently completed their own evaluations of the Spectra system, with undisputable success, confirming very high sample and match rates.

Seminole County, a BlueTOAD user since 2011, tested the new Spectra sensors as a possible solution for their need to monitor and collect data during non-peak hour traffic conditions. “Due to Seminole County’s requirement for accurate performance measures throughout the day and not just peak hours, BlueTOAD Spectra is proving to be the perfect solution for their travel-time management needs!” said Paul Misticawi, Vice President of Public Sector Sales for TrafficCast. “Having the ability to also provide highly-accurate travel times on lower volume roads is another great benefit to Seminole County, and many others.”

Palm Beach County, a BlueTOAD user since 2012, successfully tested the Spectra technology on one of their primary arterial roadways. They achieved a match rate of 394 vehicles in one hour. “With the combination of discoverable and nondiscoverable Bluetooth detection, our data shows significant increases in detection and matches,” said Giridhar Jeedigunta, Palm Beach County Traffic Division. “This is an extremely useful tool as it provides higher resolution data, which greatly increases responsiveness to sudden changes in speed.”

A new BlueTOAD user, Manatee County Florida, is currently deploying a 60-unit Spectra sensor system countywide for real-time travel-time monitoring, signal retiming and evacuation route planning. The County selected the Spectra system because of its heightened responsiveness, increased resolution and greater granularity of travel-time data. The management of special events, incidents or seasonal effects on travel-times and speeds will be enhanced with the Spectra technology.

 About TrafficCast

TrafficCast, based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Jacksonville, College Park, Philadelphia, Southern California and Shanghai, provides travel time forecasting, road speed monitoring and other traffic-related information, with technology, applications and content based on advanced digital traffic data. TrafficCast informs navigation and driver information services for a range of providers serving the interactive, mobile, enterprise and public sector markets.

Their BlueTOAD™ system, along with its integrated software, BlueARGUS, is the market leader in Bluetooth signal detection technologies, and is used to monitor travel times, road speeds and route choice behaviors. The combination of BlueTOAD hardware and BlueARGUS software provides richer insight to changing traffic patterns and trends and can be optimized for any agency’s need – city traffic department, county, state, MPO or engineering service provider.