McCain Adaptive Signal Control Saves Drivers Time and Money

McCain Adaptive Signal Control Saves Drivers Time and Money

Residents in Pueblo, CO to save $5.2 million annually in drive time and fuel consumption

VISTA, California, May 7, 2015 – McCain Inc., a national leader in the supply of advanced transportation solutions for safety and mobility, today announced another favorable deployment of its adaptive signal control technology along a busy corridor in Pueblo, Colorado. The QuicTrac™ Adaptive installation, initiated by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Region 2 traffic section, successfully hit all project goals including reducing travel times and stops, while maintaining or increasing corridor speed.

To work effectively, traffic signal timing must keep pace with demand, which can be difficult on arterials with unpredictable or varying traffic patterns. Such was the case for an 8.2-mile stretch of United States Highway 50 (US 50) in Pueblo, on account of nearby schools, recreational areas, and incremental weather conditions. Rather than use fixed time-of-day signal plans, CDOT opted to implement McCain’s QuicTrac Adaptive to adjust signal timing plans on-the-fly to accommodate real-time traffic flow.

Results issued in a report by the independent consulting firm, Atkins Engineering, calculate the annual savings to US 50 drivers to exceed $5 million. The benefit value was determined based on daily travel time savings of 1,013 hours and 461 gallons of gasoline. In addition, McCain’s adaptive control system successfully reduced driver delays by 39%, improved travel times by 6%, increased driver speeds an average of 7%, and reduced the number of stops by nearly a third.

“CDOT is one of the leading agencies leveraging adaptive signal control technologies to help curb congestion,” said McCain Director of Sales, Nathan Welch. “The Pueblo system marks the third successful project we’ve completed with CDOT. With widespread benefits that impact traffic engineers and the community alike – not to mention it’s kinder on the environment – we hope to see even more deployments in the future.”

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