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Flashing Beacons

1400-24hr – 24 Hour Flashing Beacon

Available in amber or red. Used to alert motorists of significant warnings, such as remote stop signs or high risk areas.

1. All of the electronics, LEDs, and the power source are contained within the signal head.

2. Ultra-efficient solar panels enable the device to operate for years without servicing.

3. Wireless connections between multiple units allow for quick installation and relocation.

4. The standard Active Beacon will mount on any existing or new post.


Solar Powered. The Active Beacon is solar powered, eliminating the need for running power to the application. It uses a proprietary LED signal module that is optimized for solar power.

Wireless Technology. The Active Beacon uses wireless technology to transmit the activation signal across the street. It does not required any trenching or cutting of the roadway.

Cost Savings. The Active Beacon is designed to minimize costly installation time. The total installed cost of an Active Beacon system is just 1/5th of a traditional hardwired system.

Self-Contained Unit. The Active Beacon is powered by small, highly-efficient solar panels mounted directly on top of the unit. All of the electronics and battery pack are mounted inside the signal head for easy installation and servicing. A traffic control cabinet is not needed.

3-5 Year Service Life. Each signal module is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, which is charged during the day by the solar panels, even under low light conditions. The battery pack has a service life of 3-5 years under normal operating conditions. The battery pack is mounted in the signal head and is easily serviced.

Inconspicuous Design. The Active Beacon system has been designed to look like standard traffic signal hardware. Most solar powered systems are prone to vandalism due to their large visible solar panel. The Active Beacon has small solar panels mounted on top of the structure, which are not visible from the ground.