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Microwave Detection

Smartmicro traffic sensors feature the most advanced 3D object tracking Radar technology available today. Products for intersection applications (stop bar and advance detection), road traffic management applications (counting and classification) and enforcement applications (speed and red light) are available. Smartmicro is supplying complete traffic solutions for end customers as well as sensors for OEM integration to numerous customers worldwide – many thousands of Radars being already deployed. With more than six years of experience in the traffic sector, leading edge Radar technology and a constantly growing product portfolio Smartmicro is the perfect partner for traffic system providers and system integrators world wide.



Smartmicro offers a family of traffic Radar sensors called UMRR–Universal Medium Range Radar.  A number of different antennas are available so the permanent fixed field of view and max range can be selected by the customer.The sensor is perfectly suited for all kind of collision warning (CW) applications. Generally it is very versatile and can be used for other purposes as well -stand alone or in a network. Typical applications are listed below.

Automotive OEM applications: In such applications, one or multiple sensors are specifically integrated into vehicle models of automotive OEMs carmakers. Usually there is a specific engineering effort required for the adaptation to specific vehicle models and the rigorous test procedures which will be applied. Customer specific CAN interfaces, warning algorithms or other custom software packages can be included.
  • Forward collision warning (FCW)
  • Rear collision warning
  • Front and rear Pre-Crash/Pre-Safe applications.
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with Stop & Go handling
  • Traffic jam assist

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