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Traffic Signal

McCain Traffic Signal Housings, available in eight and twelve inch varieties, provide a durable and low-maintenance housing for standard LED modules. Manufactured from polycarbonate or aluminum, the housings are compliant with multiple agency standards including the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Caltrans, and most state Departments of Transportation (DOTs)

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Programmable Traffic Signal


McCain Programmable Traffic Signals are rugged, high performance, directional traffic signals used to limit signal visibility to specific target areas and increase intersection safety. These 12-inch diameter traffic signals feature a focused and directional beam for precise lane control or to avoid motorist confusion when two intersections are in close proximity.

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 Pedestrian Signal

TCS Traffic has a wide range of pedestrian signal products, including LED and incandescent models, ‘Walk/Dont Walk signals and Hand/Man signals, Countdown Pedestrian modules, and audible ped signals for the sight impared, as well as visors and other accessories. Contact TCS Traffic for more information and pricing.


Transportation Control Systems backplates provide a visual contrast between signal heads and the background enhancing signal visibility. An optional reflective boarder can be applied to the periphery of the backplate to increase visibility especially at night. Available for standard and programmable signal heads in eight and twelve inch sizes, backplates can be configured for one to five section, cluster, or combination signals. Available in a variety of standard and custom colors to match the signal head, backplates provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional look for your intersection