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Wrong Way Detection


Smart infrastructure that detects, warns, and alerts.

  • LiDAR Detection
  • Video Verification
  • Edge Computing

For over 46 years, TCS has supplied quality and reliable products to the traffic industry from its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. In response to the increased frequency of wrong-way-related  accidents, TCS has developed the Wrong-Way Detection System to create safer roadways, one system at a time.

Utilizing LiDAR for the initial detection of a Wrong-Way event, the edge computing device activates the video detection system to capture multiple images of the event with an option to push the video stream to a customized dashboard for playback later.  In addition, our edge computing device processes all the data in real-time and distributes the information to flashing Wrong-Way signs, Dynamic Message Signs, and CV2X Technology. It can also trigger an audible alarm at the Traffic Management Center.  LiDAR imaging allows detection through dense fog, heavy rain, smoke, and other conditions that hinder standard video detection.

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Video as a Sensor
Advanced camera with analytics based on an open operating system for quick and easy customization. The cameras deliver high image quality with up to 4K resolution for demanding roadway applications.


  • Reliable LiDar
    • Collect data in any lighting or weather conditions
  • Multi-Modal
    • On-board AI classifies your data between vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.
  • Non-Intrusive
    • Sensor solutions

Intelligent Edge Computing Device
Engineered to be a simple to use, scalable, and low power advanced roadside information system. Using data from sensors, algorithms compute changing roadway conditions in real-time.

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